• Expert Safe and Vault LLC is a locksmith company that focuses on safes and vaults. We offer a variety of quality services that are tailored for maximum customer satisfaction.

    Client base

    We serve a wide range of clients spanning across the three major areas of application of safes and vaults. Therefore, our majority of clients are those who require residential, commercial and industrial safe and vault services. We handle any and all safes and vaults that are commercially available.

    Services offered

    Our services basically focus on all things to deal with safes and vaults. We offer services in the installation of safes and vaults, the opening of safes and vaults in the event that they fail to unlock and any other service and maintenance. We pride ourselves in prompt service delivery through our emergency locksmith service and we take joy in knowing that we maintain a high standard of quality that sets a benchmark in the industry. The services are offered regardless of the type of damage and where the damage is. We also offer consultation and expert opinions on the very best safes and vaults for you, depending on requirements.

    Special qualities

    Apart from the high experience and skill that we train our technicians to utilize, we are also very well aware that customer satisfaction is not limited to the technical handling of the job. As a result, we focus, not only on the safes and vaults, but also on our clients, to ensure that they get the best that service delivery has to offer. Expert Safe and Vault LLC is also very committed to giving you nothing but the very best in customer care, and as such we ensure that though there is a high number of clients trying to contact us, we do not delay either one. We value your time as much as you value our service and we would not want to waste any of it.

    Why choose us?

    Except from the fact that we offer very high quality safe and locksmith service, we are also committed to keeping you out of any extra expenses. As a result, we have an insurance policy that covers any and all jobs that we handle, so that in the off chance that there is damage to the safe or vault due to our service, any expenses on the same are catered for. We also happen to be legally licensed and as such, are bound by law to uphold the best work ethic. We give you an assurance of security and confidentiality when you trust us with your safe and vault security systems.

    License and Insured # LCO5952