• We work tirelessly to provide excellent service and incredible customer service from the initial call till the completion of the job. our loyal customer base with we worked with for more than 20 years, trusting us with their most valuables and acknowledge it every single day. 

    These are some of our customers reviews and testimonials over the years, if you feel we've done a great work, please add you experience with our pro technicians! 

    excellent service

    5.0 rating

    I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for the excellent service you provided. I received invoice #03044 this morning and I will send it to our Accounting Department to process and write you a check. I have added you to our database of GSA-Certified Technicians and I’ll be sure to contact you again for future services/repairs near your location. Thank you again Simon and it was a pleasure working with you.

    Heath Turner

    BEST service

    5.0 rating

    The BEST service! Thank you very much. I was not able to open the safe and had guest waiting in line to receive service. Simon responded to my call and was so very helpful and had the situation resolved within 15 minutes. The professionalism was above and boyond. Thank you again. Carol, New Orleans, LA


    I recommending his services

    5.0 rating

    Simon is truly an expert. I had received a safe which had not been opened in almost 30 years. Although I knew the combination, the dial would not turn. There was considerable rust due to water damage. After considerable effort on his part, Simon was able to open the safe. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

    Gary Harris

    Very personable, professional and competent

    5.0 rating

    Simon came out on a Sunday morning (who works on a Sunday morning? Simon does. ) I have a small safe of which the manufacturer is no longer in business. I called Simon, he fixed the problem in less than 5 minutes. Very personable, professional and competent.

    Bob Hill