• We work tirelessly to provide excellent service and incredible customer service from the initial call till the completion of the job. our loyal customer base with we worked with for more than 20 years, trusting us with their most valuables and acknowledge it every single day. 

    These are some of our customers reviews and testimonials over the years, if you feel we've done a great work, please add you experience with our pro technicians! 

    Phone Lock Help

    5.0 rating

    I had such an amazing experience. I called in thinking I needed someone to come out to my office and service my safe, but Simon asked if he could try to help me over the phone first. We were able to perfectly use our safe and he saved us so much money on not having to pay someone to come out! He is so so helpful and wants to save you money!!


    On time, fixed the problem and gone in a flash !!!

    5.0 rating

    Simon is very professional and easy to deal with, and really knows his stuff ! He came out in a jiffy and fixed my problem in no time. I highly recommend him for any safe or vault problems .

    Dan in Huntington Beach

    Amazing response opening safe

    5.0 rating

    Simon drove 90 min immediately upon receiving my plea for help. Had to cut into safe to open as I was an idiot forgetting my code and then completely screwed up the lock mechanism disabling key access. Got a new door from safe company and will be back to having a functional safe

    Brian Halliwell

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    3.0 rating

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    Truly talented Simon

    5.0 rating

    Same day I called Simon, he came over and explained the process and sure enough opened our safe, he knew exactly what to do. Very kind and professional. Even stayed after to make sure I was able to open the safe. Thank you again Simon!